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How To Get Sponsors Part 2: Return On Investment

September 21, 2016


How to get Sponsors Part 2: Return On Investment (ROI) By: Rob Oakman Understanding Return On Investment (ROI) is not a black art, or boring as all hell, it’s just a matter of understanding what is valuable to your sponsor, and what you can bring to the table.¬†ROI is the value that a business gets […]

How To Get Sponsors: Part 1

June 23, 2016


How To Get Sponsors: Part 1 By: Rob Oakman Making a living behind the wheel is the dream. Fulfilling that dream isn’t a matter of talent though, it’s a matter of money. For most of us that means finding sponsors, probably a lot of them. In order to get sponsors however, you have to know […]

How to Lose Control

March 30, 2016


How To Lose Control By: Rob Oakman How many times have you seen a driver lose it, miss everything, only to roll out into traffic and wreck a bunch of cars? What about the people that slide down the track harmlessly only for the machine to grip hard and shoot off into a wall? How […]

How To Test Lines On Track

January 31, 2016


How To Test Lines On Track By: Rob Oakman Whether it is your first time around the track, or you know it like the back of your hand, there is always a chance the line you think best, isn’t. So, when is the best time to try changes? ¬†Practicing before an event is usually too […]

How To Drive When Testing

January 1, 2016


How To Drive When Testing Set-up By: Rob Oakman Happy 2016! Testing time is nearly here. I have already covered how to get the most out of testing in a general sense, but how can the driver help the most? Whether testing parts, set-up, or lines on track, you need to get as much useful […]

How to fix IndyCar

November 30, 2015


How To Fix IndyCar By: Rob Oakman There has been a lot of complaining in the past few years about IndyCar. But why? The racing is good, the racers themselves are interesting, so what’s the problem? In short–the cars. People can be fickle: we like what we like, and generally, it’s because it looks and […]

Why Hand Placement Makes You Faster

October 31, 2015


Why Hand Placement Makes You Faster By: Rob Oakman Yep, this is about how to hold a steering wheel. Why? Because people do it wrong. Racing is a matter of balancing forces. Power vs finesse. Speed vs reliability. Ego vs practicality. And the last one is the hardest. Let’s face it, when we are behind […]