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How to Lose Control

March 30, 2016


How To Lose Control By: Rob Oakman How many times have you seen a driver lose it, miss everything, only to roll out into traffic and wreck a bunch of cars? What about the people that slide down the track harmlessly only for the machine to grip hard and shoot off into a wall? How […]

The Mindset of a Champion

February 29, 2016


The Mindset Of A Champion By: Rob Oakman Why is it that some people can put down fast laps on track, but not win races, while others can win races, but not Championships? And why is it that those who do win Championships, often win more than once? How do they make it look so […]

How to fix IndyCar

November 30, 2015


How To Fix IndyCar By: Rob Oakman There has been a lot of complaining in the past few years about IndyCar. But why? The racing is good, the racers themselves are interesting, so what’s the problem? In short–the cars. People can be fickle: we like what we like, and generally, it’s because it looks and […]

How To Use People (So You Both Win)

July 30, 2015


How To Use People (So You Both Win) By: Rob Oakman You can’t always do it on your own. Whether you are leading, pushing through the pack, or just trying to hang on, sometimes you need another racer to help you. But not everyone is going to be willing to work with you for a […]

Is Being Smooth Or Agressive Faster?

April 21, 2015


What Is Faster? Smooth vs Aggressive By: Rob Oakman We all want to get faster no matter how well we usually finish. Chasing perfection is as much a part of racing as chasing the checkered flag. But if you ask around for advice on how to drive faster, someone will inevitably tell you that you […]

Will The Best Equipment Get Me A Win?

February 16, 2015


Will The Best Equipment Get Me A Win? By: Rob Oakman A good racer can win on bad equipment (within reason) but a bad racer won’t win even with the best. Everyone with something to sell, will tell you that you need their “trick” piece to get yourself over the hump and into victory lane. […]

How to Get Through the Apex

April 17, 2013


How to Get through the Apex And not sucking while you do it By: Rob Oakman You have successfully used your brakes to turn your chassis into the corner, but where are you aiming? “The Apex you Idiot” you are undoubtedly thinking aloud. Well, that is obviously the answer. But where is the apex, what […]