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How To Get Sponsors Part 2: Return On Investment

September 21, 2016


How to get Sponsors Part 2: Return On Investment (ROI) By: Rob Oakman Understanding Return On Investment (ROI) is not a black art, or boring as all hell, it’s just a matter of understanding what is valuable to your sponsor, and what you can bring to the table.┬áROI is the value that a business gets […]

How To Get Sponsors: Part 1

June 23, 2016


How To Get Sponsors: Part 1 By: Rob Oakman Making a living behind the wheel is the dream. Fulfilling that dream isn’t a matter of talent though, it’s a matter of money. For most of us that means finding sponsors, probably a lot of them. In order to get sponsors however, you have to know […]

Why a 50/50 Weight Distribution Doesn’t Work

January 14, 2015


Why a 50/50 Weight Distribution Doesn’t Work By: Rob Oakman Alot of car companies tell you their sports car has a “Perfect” 50/50 weight distribution. The only thing perfect about a 50/50 split is how nice it looks on paper. If you want to go fast on track, you want something closer to a 40/60 […]

Why a Porsche spins, a Corvette pushes, and a Lamborhini wants to kill you.

February 13, 2013


Why a Porsche spins, a Corvette pushes, and Lamborghini wants to kill you. By: Rob Oakman If you, like me, are a fan of Top Gear, than you have heard Jeremy Clarkson talk about how mid engine cars like the Lamborghinis try to kill you, that Porsches have the engine in the wrong place which […]